SUPER COZY 100% Bamboo Fiber Blanket. Ultra softness and smothness like silk. Drop well with heavy weight. Much better than cotton. PERFECT GIFT for anyone you love

SUPER COZY 100% Bamboo Fiber Blanket. Ultra softness and smothness like silk. Drop well with heavy weight. Much better than cotton. PERFECT GIFT for anyone you love

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Bamboo fiber has great deals of advantages: Bamboo fiber can be softer even than silk fiber when spun into yarn. It has a standard round surface which makes it very smooth and to sit perfectly beside the skin. Bamboo fiber soaks up and vaporizes sweat very rapidly. It's supreme breathability keeps the wearer comfortable and dry for an extremely longer period. It is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton fabrics. Fabrics made from bamboo fiber are highly breathable in hot weather as well as keep the wearer warmer in winter. Bamboo is naturally cool to the touch. The cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with numerous micro-gaps and micro-holes causing better moisture absorption and ventilation. It is likewise very warm in winter, due to the fact that of the very same micro structure as the warm air gets trapped beside the skin. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-static. It makes bamboo fabrics healthier, germ totally free and odor totally free. So it is specifically suitable for bamboo fiber to make close-to-skin items, such as this blanket. Size: QUEEN SIZE 86x 86" (about 218cm x 218cm) Color: BALLAD BLUE color. (there can be little color difference for picture to reveal on different screens. we have actually contacted Pantone colors and put the most close 2 Pantone colors as recommendation for you) The most apparent feel for me is this bamboo fiber blanket touches so soft, smooth and feels quite comfortable. It provides some cool sensation in summertime night. Its striped pattern with the twill structure looks stylish and nice. It can be used as blanket whenever and wherever you require, and can likewise be used as bed sheet so that you can get double comfort. We all understand that natural material such as cotton, silk is better than polyester for close-to-skin items. This brand-new bamboo fiber is better than cotton. For goodness of our skin and health, this bamboo fiber blanket worth attempting. Have a shot and you will fall for it and will even forget cotton blanket.

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Another 2 sizes: THROW BLANKET (44x 60"), TWIN ( 66x86") are also available. Another color: WHEAT is also available. Please search on Amazon. 100% Bamboo viscose. Pure Natural ! To ensure to enjoy all the benefits of bamboo fiber, make sure that you are buying 100% bamboo viscose item. Ultra sfot & smooth like baby skin. Bamboo fiber is one of the softest fabrics in the world, noticeably softer than Egyptian Cotton. It is soft similar to silk. Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal. Extremely resistant to mold, fungus or bacteria buildup on the blanket compare to cotton or polyester. Breathable fabric and odor resistant. No bad odor after many days use. It is not very thick as it is already heavy. It is great for the hot summer. It is also great for keeping you warm when you watch TV. In cool weather, you can add additional thicker blanket on top this this silky smooth blanket to keep you warm, but make sure this blanket is with your skin. Perfect gift for the one you love and care. Bamboo has good ventilation, it is amazingly cool in summer (average 3°F cooler). It is cool against your body and it is comfortable under all temperatures.

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