Dr. Hart's - Premium Textiles Company by Dr. Hart's

Dr. Hart's - Premium Textiles Company by Dr. Hart's
Dr. Hart's - Premium Textiles Company by Dr. Hart's Dr. Hart's - Premium Textiles Company by Dr. Hart's Dr. Hart's - Premium Textiles Company by Dr. Hart's Dr. Hart's - Premium Textiles Company by Dr. Hart's Dr. Hart's - Premium Textiles Company by Dr. Hart's (click images to enlarge)

Dr. Hart's - Premium Textiles Company by Dr. Hart's


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Description of Dr. Hart's - Premium Textiles Company from Dr. Hart's

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Manufacturer Description

Elegant, relaxing & ultra-comfortable, Dr. Hart's is the only brand to scientifically craft a weighted blanket to minimize tension & promote much deeper sleep. Based upon years of experience treating patients with stress-related sleep conditions, neurologist Dr. Karen Hart developed this product to offer the tested advantages of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation therapy to the public. To date, countless people throughout the world have actually seen substantial improvement in their sleep patterns and overall health due to this ingenious product.The gentle weight promotes pivotal pressure points to cultivate a sensation of calm and security, enabling you to relax and minimize tension. Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation lowers cortisol, the hormonal agent accountable for tension, & increases serotonin, which helps with relaxation. Much like an exceptional massage, the blankets promote a sense of peace and well-being, making you drop off to sleep much faster and more intensely.They're ideal for grownups and children looking for

natural options to ease tension and improve their sleeping habits. Many individuals love these blankets due to the fact that they feel excellent. They're perfect to relaxing up and loosen up after a long day!Only Dr. Hart's brand uses patented GravityGrid stitching design with organically

shaped patterns and DreamBeads for the weighted material( quartz micro-spheres). The outcome is an environmentally friendly, breathable and ultra comfy experience that contours to your body.Included: super-soft minky microplush removable & maker washable cover, which feels glamorous & adds extra warmth.Large 60

X 80 inches Inner blanket: 100 %organic cotton( gentle cycle/hand wash/air dry) Product Uses: Anti Stress, Insomnia Relievers, Reduce Anxiety, Homeopathic Sleep Aid

, Relaxation Gifts Treatment: ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD

, PTSD Part of all earnings donated to the PTSD Foundation of America

Product Features

FEEL INSTANTLY RELAXED - Designed to naturally make you feel more calm and relaxed by distributing gentle pressure across your body. The pressure stimulates the deep touch receptors throughout the body to release serotonin and promotes relaxation like a warm hug. They're perfect for people seeking natural & effective solutions to relieve stress and improve their sleeping habits. They're also ideal to unwind after a long day, cozy up on the couch for a blissful nap or even fall asleep faster DESIGNED TO IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP - Dr. Hart's is the only weighted blanket developed by a practicing medical doctor, neurologist Dr. Karen Hart. Based on a lifetime of experience treating patients with serious sleep disorders, Dr. Hart designed the first weighted blanket that works for everyone! LUXURIOUS MATERIALS and INNOVATIVE DESIGN have made Dr. Hart's the WORLD'S MOST POPULAR WEIGHTED BLANKET and the #1 RECOMMENDED WEIGHTED BLANKET BY HEALTH PROFESSIONALS STATE-OF-THE-ART DESIGN - Patented ContourWave design of organically shaped "waves" CONTOURS TO YOUR BODY like no other weighted blanket and optimizes Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation evenly to the entire body. The result is its unique ability to give you a near-instant sense of calm and happiness. It's large: the 60 X 80 inches size makes it IDEAL FOR ALL BODY TYPES and can even be comfortably shared by 2 people PREMIUM GRADE MATERIALS - Only Dr. Hart's brand uses patented DreamBeads (made of quartz micro-spheres) for the weighted material. They are ECO-FRIENDLY (odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic) & allow the blankets to be 60% THINNER & MUCH SOFTER. DreamBeads also make the blankets ultra comfortable by ELIMINATING SHIFTING NOISE, providing a COOLING SENSATION IN THE SUMMER & A BREATHABLE WARMTH IN THE WINTER. It also increases the contact surface area by 750%, OPTIMIZING PRESSURE DELIVERY MULTIPLE USES - Dr. Hart's is commonly used as a Sensory Blanket (to treat sensory processing disorder) as well as an Autism Blanket, a Therapy Blanket, and an ADHD weighted blanket. Additionally, these blankets are terrific as stress relief gifts for your loved ones! Fits king, queen, full and twin size beds.